Dead Paris August 14th, 1780

From the inventory made after the death of the Parisian clockmaker Edme Causard, who died in the capital in 1780, the author has picked out some of his collaborators and retraces the stylistic evolution of his production. We know almost nothing of the man, apart from the fact that he was appointed clockmaker to the court before 1760.

The inventory of 1780 mentions the names of 3 cabinet-makers who were associated with his productions : Jollain, Morau and Fortin. But we also know that he worked with the cabinet-maker N.J. Marchand. 

Causard also used the services of founders to make gilded bronze dial cases. The name of the gilder Delacroix is thus mentioned. Amongst the clocks known to be made by the clockmaker, the work by J.J. de St Germain, Osmond and J. Ch. Delafosse can be noted. There were many haberdasher-dealers with whom Causard worked : Giraud, Stuart, Mitt, Levasseur Fils, Paulet, etc. Certain works were carried out in collaboration with three of his colleagues : Leclerc, Pierre Henin Le Chainquet and Debeu.

His clocks, previously decorated in the rococco style, were later influenced by the neo-classical trend at the time of Louis XVI, when clocks with a theme were very popular. In brief, Causard always worked with the best craftsmen of his time and his production of an extremely high level often rivalled that of the greatest of his contemporaries.

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